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31 July 2014
Sherwood Estateexploding the myth!

Very Pinot Noir

We are very excited to announce the launch of our nationwide Pinot Noir campaign beginning early August.
The team at Sherwood Estate have always been obsessed with the growing, making and drinking of Pinot Noir. This obsession began over twenty five years ago, long before it became fashionable to drink, let alone grow.

Dayne Sherwood recalls the response he received to planting Pinot Noir in the mid-1980s. Many thought we were mad planting grapes at this time, let alone planting Pinot Noir. The majority of consumers had never heard of Pinot Noir as Cabernet Sauvignon was New Zealands red wine choice. I was told many times by those in the industry, as well as those in the trade, that we were wasting our time planting Pinot would never sell. We were advised we would never be able to produce a good affordable Pinot Noir, accessable to all..

The nationwide campaign comprises of advertising in three different media, Television (Food TV, Living, UKTV and Choice), Print (Cuisine, Australian Womens Weekly and NZ Home and Garden) and Online (Stuff and NZ Herald).

We hope you enjoy our Pinot Noir as much as we do!

Click here to view our VERY PINOT NOIR page

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