Our Wines

Sherwood Estate produce three ranges of wines under the Sherwood umbrella.

• The Waipara Collection
• The Sherwood Estate Signature Family
• The Stratum Range
• Stoney Range Wines

Based on twenty five years of growing grapes and making wine, they now specialise in Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling.

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Sherwood Estate Signature Family

The Sherwood range proudly carries the name of the winery and owners and so reflects Sherwood Estate’s commitment to the highest quality.

The wines are varietally focussed from our own Marlborough and Waipara Vineyards as well as selected growers; this range is internationally acclaimed for its excellent quality/value ratio.

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The Waipara Collection

For us this collection is about acknowledging those pioneers of the land that came before us as it is their endeavours that have enabled us to grow our wine successfully today.

The Waipara Collection is crafted from our Waipara Valley vineyards. Remaining true to the label we are using “pioneering” winemaking styles and techniques such as experimental fermentation temperatures and indigenous yeasts.

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Stratum Range

The Stratum range is crafted by our winemaker to reflect intense varietal fruit flavours from classic varieties producing finished wines of consistently excellent quality and wide appeal.

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Clearwater (UK)

Produced exclusively for the UK market under the Clearwater name. These wines are what the rest of the world tastes as the Heritage Collection – see the Heritage Collection for more detail.

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Stoney Range

A name originally designed for the UK market and is now used exclusively for Central Markets (US) and the New Zealand domestic market.

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Laverique is a wonderfully elegant sparkling wine to be enjoyed on all occasions

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