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We’re able to make great wine because of the land in which our grapes are grown

Being a family company, we are always conscious about what we are leaving behind for future generations. That’s why we were one of the first wineries in the Waipara Valley to have all our vineyards and winery accredited with Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ).

As we learn more about the environment and our impact upon it we are constantly evaluating our vineyard and winemaking practices. In every part of our business, we seek to identify, monitor and improve our impact on the environment.


Not only is our wine made in New Zealand so is all our packaging. When you open your bottle of Sherwood Estate wine you can be confident that the bottle, cap, and box that the wine came in was made in New Zealand. Even the pallet the wine was delivered to the store on was New Zealand made.

Every part of our packing is fully recyclable. In 2010 we changed our bottles to a lighter, more economical version. Not only are these bottles made from fewer resources, but they are also lighter and need less energy to transport. They also make your shopping bag just that little easier to carry.

All our vineyards are irrigated by ponds which collect rainwater during the winter. These ponds were originally dug by the sheep farmers in the area but as vines have replaced the sheep the system perfectly suits the needs of the vineyards. This means that during the long, dry summers that are synonymous with this area, we can irrigate all our vineyards with rainwater alone.

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